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Why Choose Nu Rest?

At Nu Rest upholstery East Kilbride, we pride ourselves on the high standards of service sand care which we provide to each and every one of our customers. We are a family run business with strong core values of reliability and quality. With over sixty years of experience, our experienced craftsmen have been trained in multiple traditional techniques for upholstery East Kilbride and furniture restoration.

If you wish to hear more about our services then feel free to Contact a member of our team.

There are many benefits of choosing Nu Rest for all of your upholstery and re-upholstering needs. Some of our advantages are listed below:

  • For each item of furniture brought to us, we provide a free quote for the project. We ensure to take the time to personalise the quote to each project and price as we respect the individuality of every furniture restoration project.
  • We accept contract work for a range of sectors, including commercial and domestic. For more on our contract-style services please get in touch with a member of the upholstery East Kilbride team to find out more.
  • We are open 7 days a week, so you can feel free to contact us when it is convenient for you.

Our services are unrivalled in quality and care, so get in touch now for a quote or more information.

Our Expert Upholstery East Kilbride Services

At Nu Rest Upholstery East Kilbride, we have a wide range of services to bring your old and much-loved furniture back to life. Our restoration projects include various stages which will have your worn items of furniture looking brand new. Our skilled craftsmen specialise in a range of traditional restoration techniques, including the following.

leather chair re-upholstery

If you have damaged or worn fabric on your furniture, Re-Upholstery is the perfect choice. It can even be used to update the look of furniture to bring it up to date with your tastes. Our expert furniture re-upholsterers will be able to recommend the best fabrics and styles to suit your item of furniture.

french polishing services
French Polishing

Our craftsmen use traditional techniques to have your wooden furniture looking brand new. We will achieve a flawless finish on your furniture, by stripping old polish away and smoothing the texture before adding the wonderful French Polish. If your wooden furniture have loose or missing veneers, we can also repair these to a high standard.

fabric upholstery Scotland
Loose Covers

If you would love to protect your fabric upholstery or give your furniture a different look temporarily, then you may want to look into Loose Covers. They will update the look of your furniture just like re-upholstery but without all of the commitment. This solution is perfect if you would like to remove and wash your covers regularly.

antique re-upholstery
Leather Repairs

Leather is a particularly stylish and practical choice for many re-upholstered items of furniture. Our Leather Repair services will bring your material back to life by repairing any holes, burns or scuffed areas. This will undoubtedly lift the whole look of the piece.

Furniture Frame Repair

On top of all of our other services, we can also repair furniture frames and structures. Each project will be dealt with on a case by case basis so get in touch for a free quote today and we will evaluate how extensive the damage or wear has affected your furniture.

Extensive Upholstery Choices

If you choose to get your furniture re-upholstered then we have multiple choices for you when it comes to upholstery East Kilbride. You can choose from a wide range of materials to restore your furniture. Some of our most popular choices are listed below.


An eternally sleek choice for furniture, our leather upholstery East Kilbride services are extremely popular. With some aftercare, leather upholstery can last a lifetime and gives your home a really sleek and modern look.


Vinyl is another great choice for re-upholstery services. As a practical alternative to leather, it can be easily cleaned, has minimal care instructions and is a really modern choice for those going for a contemporary style in their homes.


Our fabrics come in all sorts of colours, textures and patterns. We have many samples available for clients to peruse before making a final decision. We have some fantastic fabrics available for upholstery East Kilbride including Sanderson, Moon, Swaffer, Ross and Linn Bowman.

upholstery services

Advantages of Upholstery East Kilbride

When choosing to invest in upholstery East Kilbride services, you should know that there are a range of great advantages for yourself and for the environment.

  • Cost: Many people do not realise that it is often cheaper to have your furniture re-upholstered than it is to invest in brand new pieces. It allows you to hang onto worn, sentimental items of furniture but give them a whole new look- at an affordable price.
  • Individual: If you choose to go for upholstery East Kilbride, it can be much easier to create a statement piece that suits both your interior décor and you personality.
  • Eco-Friendly: Re-upholstering your furniture can also be the more eco-friendly option. It will prevent your old furniture from going to a landfill and will help to limit the emissions caused by new furniture being created.

Get In Touch For Upholstery East Kilbride

If you like the sound of re-upholstering your furniture then Get in Touch with our East Kilbride team, who will be able to assist you at every step in the process. For expert upholstery in East Kilbride, you can rely on Nu Rest.

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