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For your upholstery needs in Glasgow Southside , visit Nu-Rest.

We are an experienced and trusted family run business, whose expert team have upholstered hundreds of different pieces of furniture. Each piece we work on is re-upholstered to the highest quality and standards. We take pride in each upholstery project we work on.

Do I need Upholstery Services?

Upholstery or Re-Upholstery can breathe new life into previously worn furniture. Upholstery, the material used to cover or pad the furniture can be of various colours, patterns and fabrics. Re-upholstering a much-loved family heirloom can bring it right up-to-date and make it your favourite piece in your house.
When it comes to Nu-Rest Glasgow Southside upholstery we use the best, high-quality materials for any project we may undertake.
Our re-upholstery Glasgow Southside services can cater to both clients of a residential and a commercial nature.

Nu-Rest Glasgow Southside Services

We can provide so many different services when it comes to taking great care of a piece of furniture. Our services include:

  • Lacquering
  • Loose covers
  • Re-covering
  • Re-upholstery
  • Restoration
  • Staining

For these services we use whichever materials you prefer, from leather to more modern fabrics and various shades of stain and lacquer. On top of this there are a variety of options for furniture refurbishment, including frame modification and repair.

Specialist Glasgow Southside Upholstery Services

Our team are the some of the country’s experts in upholstering. For that reason we have some specialist services that we offer. Previously mentioned, French polishing and Loose Covers are two of our main specialties.

Nu Rest Re-upholstery Glasgow
French Polishing

We at Nu-Rest appreciate that when it comes to furniture restoration, all aspects must be considered. This will be from the upholstery to the restoration and staining. For antique pieces extra care is absolutely necessary. The French Polishing technique that we use harnesses traditional practical skills in order to prepare and treat the wood. This in turn gives the furniture an extremely smooth final finish, and a stunningly flawless appearance.

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Loose Covers

Loose Covers from Nu-Rest come made to measure and are an extremely practical alternative to re-upholstering your furniture. The client is free to choose between using modern or loose covers, although both will give your item a fresh new look. Your furniture will feel brand new, just like re-upholstered furniture. All the while the cover will be completely removable. Our skilled craftsmen tailor each piece to fit each individual item of furniture.

Glasgow Southside Upholstery Care Guidelines

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It is important to ensure that the flawless finish will last as long as possible. After your furniture has been re-upholstered you need to take exemplary care of it. For this reason, we have produced some care instructions to increase the longevity of your finished product. To take care of your newly finished furniture please read the Glasgow Southside Upholstery guidelines below:

  • Rotate loose cushions regularly and reverse them to give them equal wear.
  • Avoid any sharp object that may snag the fabric.
  • Avoid pets on re-upholstered furniture due to snagging.
  • Do not machine wash any removable items such as cushion covers.
  • Clean any accidental spillages as soon as possible. However, when performing a spot test, ensure to test it in a small area that is not visible.
  • Avoid the furniture being in direct sunlight.
  • Plump up your cushions regularly.

If you follow the instructions carefully and take great care with your furniture, the flawless look will last a lifetime.

Furniture Placement in the Room

When it comes to the placement of your newly upholstered furniture, there are some tips for you to follow as well.

  • If you have wooden floors in the room where your upholstered furniture is then it is best to use protective felt to avoid scratching.
  • If your furniture features a recliner mechanism then it is important to understand that it may be stiff at first but will loosen over time.
  • Make sure you have plenty of room to use this function.
  • When unwrapping the furniture it may appear flat and creased, therefore, use the palms of your hands to smooth over the cushions and leather. Air will then circulate the cushions and it will fall into their natural shape.

Prevent Damage or Harm to your Upholstery

It is quite simple to avoid causing damage or harm to your newly finished upholstery. You should follow these guidelines in order to ensure damage is prevented:

  • Avoid placing your furniture near direct heat or air conditioning as extreme temperatures can cause cracking and wearing.
  • Do not sit on the arms of the sofas or chairs as this will damage the frame of the furniture. Also avoid sitting on the edges of the cushions.
  • Never force to open or close a recliner and open with care
  • Try and not leave newspapers on the furniture as the ink can transfer and stain the furniture.
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Care of Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery has some specific guidelines that you should follow. It is recommended that you pay close attention in order to maintain a beautiful finish on your furniture.

  • Always follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions and use the products that are recommended. If you are unsure then you can ask your upholsterer the best action to take. Try to regularly wipe with a soft, damp cloth often to ensure your leather furniture looks new.
  • When vacuuming, keep it on a low setting to remove the dust and dirt under the cushions.
  • To avoid any damage or cracking of the leather, keep any furniture at least 50cm away from any heat source.
  • Any liquid spilled on the leather will need to be blotted immediately with a dry cloth until it is dry. Avoid rubbing the area as this could damage the finish and cause discolouration.
  • When dealing with light coloured leather or pale leathers, it is important to be aware that colour from denim jeans or non-colour-fast dark clothing can transfer onto your furniture and cause discolouration which is commonly known as a ‘dye transfer.’ This can especially happen if the clothing is wet or damp.

Leather upholstery is very delicate so you need to be very aware of it, and make sure you are careful and thoughtful when using your piece of furniture.

Revitalise Your Furniture With Our Expert Glasgow Southside Upholstery Services

If you live in Glasgow Southside or in the surrounding areas you will find that we treat all of our customers’ furniture with great care and respect.
Whatever your re-upholstery needs may be, at Nu-Rest Glasgow Southside we re-upholster numerous different types of furniture including single chairs, three-piece suites, sofas, and antique furniture to name just a few.
We maintain the ethos that each of our customers is incredibly important to us and that there is no job too big or too small.
We will do our utmost to ensure that each individual receives quality services at affordable prices from Glasgow Southside Upholstery.

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