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Nu Rest Upholstery Paisley: About Us

Here at Nu Rest, our Re-Upholstery Paisley services come with a wide range of benefits. If you are considering Re-Upholstering your favourite piece of furniture then you have come to the right place. From the family-run nature of the business to our competitive prices, there are many benefits to choosing us. If you haven’t yet been convinced, here are some of our best bits:

  • We provide free quotes for each item of furniture that is brought to us. Every project is so individual so we take the time to personalise each project and price.
  • We accept contract work. We will complete work of both a domestic and a commercial nature so feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more about our services.

If you would like to hear more from us about the high standard of quality or to receive a free quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. For now, here’s some more on our Upholstery Paisley services.

Our Services

At Nu Rest we can complete almost any project that is requested, from Re-Upholstery to Furniture Restoration. Our Paisley upholstery services include;

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Re-Upholstering your favourite piece of furniture can revitalise the look of your room or make it a statement piece. Upholstery Paisley can repair any damaged or worn fabric, or you could just change the style. Re-Upholstering gives you so many options for restoring your older furniture to its former glory.

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Loose Covers

Loose Covers are the perfect option for those of you who would love to protect your furniture or just give it a fresh new look. Each and every cover that is created at Nu Rest Paisley is made-to-measure and fits your furniture so snugly that it will feel like it has just been Re-Upholstered. Loose Covers are both practical and stylish as they can be removed to be washed.

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French Polishing

French Polishing is another one of the great services we can provide along with your Upholstery Paisley. The technique that we use is extremely traditional and will ensure a high standard of quality and a flawless finish for your item of furniture. If needs be, we can strip away old polish to be replaced with glossy new polish. We can even replace loose veneers on most items of wooden furniture.

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Real Leather Re-Upholstery and Repairs

At Nu Rest Paisley, our Upholstery will make your furniture look brand new as we use only the highest quality real leather for any of our Re-Upholstering jobs where it is requested.  If you love your piece of real leather furniture but it was become worn, ripped or burned, then we can fix that.

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Furniture Frame Repair

If the frame or structure of your furniture is damaged, we can fix that too. As well as our Upholstery Paisley services, we can make repairs of almost any kind to bring your furniture up to an exceptionally high standard.

Our Choices of Fabrics

At Nu Rest Paisley there is a range of Upholstery to choose from in a variety of colours, shades and textures. This means each customer can come away with an entirely unique piece of furniture. Our extensive range includes;


Our fabric materials come in a multitude of different styles. You will have a choice of many different patterns, textures, and colours. This can be matched to your current décor, or can be restored to its old-time glory.

Real Leather

For any Upholstery Paisley job where real leather is requested, we can provide a stunning range of leathers. These come in a range of colours and styles. Our leather is of an extremely high standard, so there is no need to worry about quality.


For the vegetarians or vegans, Vinyl is a practical and modern replacement for leather. Give your furniture a sleek new look, knowing that no animal products were used during the Re-Upholstering.

Our Advantages of Upholstery Paisley

If you need a tiny bit more convincing about Upholstery Paisley then let us outline some of the major benefits that restoring your beloved piece of old furniture can have.  There are so many advantages to re-upholstery Paisley.

Environmentally Friendlier

The main benefit of re-upholstery your beloved furniture is that it is extremely eco-friendly. Every day, people in Paisley are going to the dump with old furniture that has fallen into disrepair. Repairing and renewing the look of your furniture will give it a new lease of life and mean that it may last a lifetime.

Less Costly

Re-Upholstery will mean that money will be saved in the long run. It will ensure that you can keep your favourite items of furniture and therefore have no need to invest in new pieces, which can often be very costly. Re-Upholstering is a very affordable alternative.


The ideal benefit of Re-Upholstering and of the Upholstery itself is that each piece of furniture can be tailored to your own personal style. The variety of styles, colours and patterns means that we will be able to personalise the furniture to your heart’s content. This can be done to help a piece fit in with your current décor or to make it a statement piece.

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